Speaker: Joshua Nichols

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Java on Gentoo Gentoo Sunday AW1.124 09:00 01:00

Joshua Nichols

Josh is currently the project lead of the Gentoo/Java project, which as the name might suggest, maintains every and anything related to Java for Gentoo Linux.

Josh has been a user and fan of Gentoo Linux for the past six years. Two years ago, like many of us, he felt the need to give back to OSS community. Being a Gentoo user, and cutting his teeth on Java at the time, the Gentoo/Java project was the obvious choice of where to focus his energies.

Shortly after joining the project, he was elected project lead. He worked to improve the integration of Java on Gentoo, expand package offerings, and make the lives of developers in the project easier. He currently works as a software engineer for R. R. Donnelly in Cambridge, MA, USA, where he develops marketing web applications (using Java, of course). He enjoys, among other things, playing hacky-sacking, and partaking of a few pints of Guiness, though not always at the same time.